Sign up today to one, or both!, of our fab new face-mask design programmes.

Illustrator and artist Kit Rees will take you through a myriad of new skills in these free fab fun programmes.

Face-mask making: Digital Design: Tuesdays, times TBC, 10th Nov – 1st Dec 2020, 4 sessions.
Digitally design and illustrate your own face mask which we will then print and send straight to your doorstep!

Face-mask making: Embroidery: Tuesdays, times TBC, 8th- 15th Dec 2020, 2 sessions.
Using the material pack we send you, you’ll be developing, stitching & donning your own fabulous handmade face-mask.

*Free Online Programmes- will require downloading of free softwares
*For 16-25 year olds based anywhere in Northern Ireland
*No experience required
*Digital Design programme carries a digital badge qualification!

Funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund in partnership with Northern Ireland Museum Council (NIMC) National Museums Northern Ireland (NMNI), NIScreen and The Nerve Centre.