Are you a member of the LBGTQA+ community? *Allies this includes you!!

How would you like to be part of a new LGBTQIA+ steering group that informs and impacts how Reimagine, Remake, Replay operates?

As a member of this panel you will:

*Devise, plan and partake in lots of exciting project activities- incl screenings, exhibitions & events: including our big celebration of Pride!
*offer your input to the general running of the RRR, representing what matters to you, thus making heritage more inclusive and reflective of the LGBTQA+ community
*Learn and practise new creative and digital skills
*Earn experience of being on a panel – including advocating, collaborating, organising, –  lots of amazing experiences to pop on that CV
*Take the lead with your other panel members on what direction you’d like the panel to take
*Collaborate with other panel members and seek out partnerships with cool and interesting organisations
*Have the craic with like-minded peeps whilst making change happen! Bring your ideas! Bring your energy! Most of all bring your good selves!This call is open to existing RRR participants and completely new members!

We promise it’ll be loads of craic and a way for young LGBTQA+ art, voices and history to be showcased with RRR and museums.*for ages 16-25 based in Northern Ireland

*No experience required
Meetings will take place on Zoom.