Sign up to take part in ‘Proud Everyday’ with visual artist Thomas Wells. ‘Proud Everyday’ invites participants to explore what makes them feel proud and to take part in a unique virtual Pride Parade.

Over two workshops @2pm on the 4th and 8th of August participants will design and film their own float to take part in a digital parade extravaganza.

As part of the workshops Thomas will explore the importance of ‘alternative’ queer icons, helping to make diversity visible within our community, away from the usual supermarkets, TV shows, and public services represented.

Queer Culture embraces a multi layering of pop and alternative culture which is rarely included in mass pride events.

Thomas will present examples of pride floats and showcase some home made examples created during lockdown.

Participants will be invited to send their footage to Thomas, to be compiled into a virtual parade and shown at a screening event in the second session.

*Note* Previous film or editing experience is not required. There is a requirement to be able to film via a camera, phone or laptop and be able to send footage via email or the likes of Wetransfer.

*Online digital platform- will require both Slack and Zoom (both free)
*Free programme
*No experience required