Register now to take part in Stay IN Style, our online fashion workshop, on 22nd April at 2pm! To coincide with Fashion Revolution Week 2020, NMNI Fashion Curator Charlotte McReynolds leads us on an investigative journey of the clothes we love to wear. Dress code is both formal and informal, dressed up and dressed down…. basically wear something you LOVE to wear.

Through a Zoom workshop participants will be guided on how to explore their garment as how a curator would but also how anyone can investigate their own wardrobes to become more conscious and appreciative of our clothes.

Participants will be encouraged to consider what it is about their particular garment that resonates with them and asked to create their own fashion love story.

*16-25 year olds *No experience required *Northern Ireland based *Free

(Image is ‘Woman on a Sofa (Dorothy V. Williamson)’ Paul Nietsche. NMNI Collection.)