Reimagine, Remake, Replay proudly present a duo of publications showcasing the writings penned on our Creative Writing programmes.

‘Virtually (Re)Writing History’ and ‘(Re)collections: Echoes and Perspectives Written in 2020′ feature a range of blogs, poems and museum labels from two groups of young participants, which explore the collections of the Ulster Museum. They also ruminate on participants’ experiences of lockdown, forming an act of contemporary collecting as they record their thoughts and feelings on this period of history as they live through it.

You can view a digital version of the publication here on Issuu. A limited supply of physical copies will be at Ulster Museum in the near future – keep an eye on our social channels for updates.


The idea for the publication came from RRR participant Hannah Sharp, who was part of the first cohort of creative writers. She thought a publication could bring all the pieces together, so their range, depth and creativity could be appreciated in a collection.

RRR supported this idea and commissioned Hannah, who is a talented illustrator, to create these publications through the input and ideas of the groups.

From the titles to the design and formatting – these publications were led by participants, inspired by their ideas and experiences which were communicated through design sessions and opportunities for input.

For example, the front covers are abstract shapes that represent how the group were able to connect through this programme, despite feeling separate and isolated due to lockdowns. With the cover of the second issue, the group wanted to compliment the original style but put their own spin on it – so their repeated geometrical shapes represent the repetitive nature of days in lockdown, disrupted by their writing which allowed for new imaginative experiences.

The pieces are colour coded to match with the areas of the museum, so that visitors can read one of the participants’ responses and see the collection it came from.