Coinciding with International Women’s Day 2021, RRR held a series of unique online workshops – a feminist museum reading group to be exact! It was set up in response to Ulster Museum exhibition, Renoir & the New Era, to explore one of its major themes – women and art.

The sessions were facilitated by Emma Campbell (Facilitator, Artist, and Activist, Array Studios) and Anna Liesching (Ulster Museum, Curator of Art). There was plenty of discussion, sharing, critical thinking and creativity as we responded to readings and to each other.

Participants then created the pieces below, which were inspired by the discussions they had in the sessions. We delved into the portrayal of women in art, the male gaze, the Impressionism era, the flaneur in Paris of the 1900s and today. We also discussed the events surrounding the killing of Sarah Everard, which were happening around the time of the workshops, and all the thoughts and feelings these prompted about gender and public space.


La Loge by Kiera Quigg


Freedom is near / Every second needs to count by Jodi Morrison
By Beverley Irving


Her-space – a zine by Rose Winter (view in full screen)


Links to the Ulster Museum’s Renoir & the New Era content: