Gemstone from National Museums NI. BELUM.I8185

Ode to an Opal

Ornate it sits, begging to be touched.

Omnipotent perhaps in power, as it would have been unsurprising to

Ogle at the sight of it, in the fixing of a crown fit for royalty.

Overwhelming in confusion, its colour an

Odd iridescent prism, shining in striking similarity to

Oslo and its Northern Lights.

Opalescent in sheen it glints, a kaleidoscope

Oasis of lustrous splendour, its glossy depths an

Oddity – does something more lie beneath this surface?

Occult powers rise from the solid, polished exterior, an

Omen to an alternate dimension.



This piece was written by a participant on our Creative Writing Programme. It was inspired by the object above, click the image to view it in the NMNI online collection. Read other works from the programme here: Virtually (Re)writing history: A series from our online creative writing programme