The Natural History Museum are looking for two participants from NI aged 18 – 25 to join their Youth Advisory Panel (YAP).

The Natural History Museum will bring together young people living in 6 cities from across the UK, to discuss and explore local urban nature stories that are poignant to them. Telling these stories, the panel will create digital content, which is engaging to them and their peers, while supporting and advising the NHM on how to develop greater online following and relevance to their demographic.

In collaboration with this year’s 12 participating young people, alongside other activities the YAP 2.0 hopes to reach a wider audience by leveraging the NHM’s social media platforms (Instagram, twitter and possibly the launch of a new TikTok account!). These social media accounts will serve as a platform for the participants to influence other young people in the UK and encourage social change.

Panellists will be invited to attend and engage in a series of 10 bi-weekly workshops from January to June of 2022, online on Thursday evenings, with the possibility of two in-person workshops. Each workshop will offer a unique blend of opportunities for panellists to discuss issues related to urban nature they deem important, expand on transferable life-skills related to digital story telling and career aspirations, gain insight from guest speakers and to create an impact.

By the end of the series of workshops, participants will be encouraged to use their own voices to create engaging content for the NHMs digital media platforms and impact other young people in the UK.

By participating on the panel, you will:

  • Get to know other young people with a variety of interests and backgrounds, and learn from each other
  • Gain knowledge related to urban nature and environmental issues most relevant to your local area
  • Gain skills and a deeper understanding in a range of areas from professionals and experts (e.g. storytelling, digital content creation, biodiversity science, climate science, environmental policy)
  • Influence the approach of one of the U.K.’s largest museums by advising and guiding NHM staff
  • Have a platform to reach a wide audience with stories that are meaningful to you


You can find out more about the National History Museum’s Youth Advisory Board here.